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V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 엡손 프로젝터 전구 EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH

원래 장소 중국
브랜드 이름 Epson
모델 번호 ELPLP88
최소 주문 수량 1개 부분
가격 Negotiated
포장 세부 사항 카톤 박스
배달 시간 3-7 일 일
지불 조건 L/C (신용장), 인수 인도, D/P (지급도 조건), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온
공급 능력 년 당 1000 조각
제품 상세 정보
평균 수명 2000hours 전압 모든 국가
정격 전력 400W 베이스 타입 UHE200
보증 90 일 신청 학교, 교육청 집에 교육, 비즈니스
램프 유형 OBH 상품 이름 프로젝터 램프 전구 패키지
밝기 원래 버너 내부와고 휘도 램프 전원 250Watts
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ELPLP88 엡손 프로젝터 Bulbs


ELPLP88 대체 프로젝터 램프


엡손 ELPLP88

메시지를 남겨주세요
제품 설명

V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 Epson Projector Bulbs EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH





Model No.
ELPLP88 package
100% Brand new
UHE200W Bulb with Generic Housing
Lamp power:
Life time :
Compatible for:
BrightLink 536Wi EB-520 EB-525W EB-526Wi EB-530 EB-535W EB-536Wi EB-6270W EB-945 EB-945H EB-955W EB-955WH
EB-965 EB-965H EB-97 EB-97H EB-98 EB-98H EB-S03 EB-S04 EB-S130 EB-S17 EB-S18 EB-S27 EB-S29 EB-S300 EB-S31 EB-SXW03 EB-SXW18 EB-U04 EB-U130 EB-U32 EB-W04 EB-W130 EB-W18 EB-W22 EB-W28 EB-W29 EB-W31 EB-W32 EB-X03 EB-X04 EB-X130 EB-X18 EB-X20 EB-X24 EB-X25 EB-X27 EB-X29 EB-X300 EB-X31 EB-X350 EB-X36 EH-TW490 EH-TW5200 EH-TW5210 EH-TW5300 EH-TW5350 EH-TW570 ELPLP78 ELPLP87 EX3220 EX3240 EX5220 EX5230 EX5240 EX5250 EX6220 EX7220 EX7230 EX7235 EX7240 EX7240 Pro EX9200 EX9200 Pro H550A H550C H551A H551C H552A H552C H552F H553C H554C H555B H555C H556C H557C H558C H561A H566C H568A H654A H682 H683 H686 H686A H687 H688 H690 H691 H692 H694 H709A H716 H717 H718 H719 H719a H720 H721 H722 H723 H723A H730 H763 H764 H764A H772A H801a H819A Home Cinema 1040 Home Cinema 2040 Home Cinema 2045 Powerlite 1222 PowerLite 1224 Powerlite 1262W Powerlite 1263W PowerLite 1264 Powerlite 1284 Powerlite 2030 Powerlite 2040 Powerlite 2140W
All items have been QC tested and come with 150 days Warranty
Standard package with mall carton for each piece



Epson oriuginal lamp ELPLP88 with housing(UHE200W) is 100% new and pass the quality checked, And will be packaged in good condition, before dispatch, premium quality, high brightness, long life replacement projector lamp, high quality projector lamps, easy to install.The quality can be guaranteed and price is competitive.



Warranty: 90-day


Brand New projector lamp, top quality with high brightness, lamp life up to 2500 hours, QC test of all projector lamps.

The projector lamps are completely covered under our 180-day warranty, which protects against any defective products.

We are committed to offering an easy and safe Projector Bulb buying experience that brings enjoyable shopping experience to all our customers.

Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, lightning or acts of nature, misuse, electrical stress or power surges, loss of use, lost profits.



Steps to Install Your Projector Lamps:

To install a projector lamp with the housing, just follow the easy steps below:
1. Make sure the projector is unplugged and sitting on a flat surface
2. Loosen the screw holding the projector lamp module cover in place and remove the panel
3. Unplug the old projector lamp and remove it from the projector
4. Plug the new projector lamp securely into place
5. Attach the panel back onto the projector and tighten the screw


V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 엡손 프로젝터 전구 EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH 0V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 엡손 프로젝터 전구 EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH 1V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 엡손 프로젝터 전구 EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH 2V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 엡손 프로젝터 전구 EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH 3V13H010L88 ELPLP88 UHE200 엡손 프로젝터 전구 EB-97H EB-945H EB-955WH 4