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62X62DNSHA350E는 프로젝터 램프 NEC 프로젝터 전구 62X62mm NP26LP를 지녔습니다

원래 장소 중국
브랜드 이름 NEC
모델 번호 62X62DNSHA350E
최소 주문 수량 1개 부분
가격 Negotiated
포장 세부 사항 카톤 박스
배달 시간 3-7 작업 일수
지불 조건 L/C (신용장), 인수 인도, D/P (지급도 조건), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온
공급 능력 년 당 1000 조각
제품 상세 정보
평균 수명 2000hours 보증 90 일
신청 학교, 교육청 집에 교육, 비즈니스 상품 이름 프로젝터 램프 전구
밝기 원래 버너 내부와고 휘도 전압 모든 국가
베이스 타입 62X62DNSHA350E 정격 전력 350W
하이 라이트

350W Bare Projector Lamp


62X62mm Bare Projector Lamp


NP26LP NEC Projector Bulbs

메시지를 남겨주세요
제품 설명

62X62DNSHA350E Bare projector lamp NEC Projector Bulbs 62X62mm NP26LP
62X62DNSHA350E NEC projector bare lamp , all items are 100% new and pass the quality checked. And will be packaged in good condition before dispatch. 100% Brand New, Premium quality, high brightness, long life replacement projector lamp. Compatible for NP-PA721X+,NP-PA671W+,NP,PA622UJL,PA622U+,PA672W+,PA522U+,PA722X+,PA572W+,PA621U+,PA521U+,PA622X+,PA621X+,PA671W+,PA571W+,



Product name: Projector Lamp
Model No. 62X62DNSHA350E
Condition: 100% Brand new
Type: Compatible Bare lamp 
Lamp power: 350W
Life time : ≥2000-5000HourS
Used in the these projector:



Installation: Easy installation.
Warranty: All items have been QC tested and 90 days Warranty at least
Package: Each lamp in a single box with foam protection. One pair gloves and instruction inside.

If you want your Projector Lamps work longer, please Note:
1. Do not allow the projector to overheat; the primary cause of lamp failure is excessive temperature stress.
2. Allow the projector lamp to cool for at least 10 minutes after powering down, and never move the projector during this period or while the lamp is on. The lamp is much more susceptible to damage while it is hot.
3. Operate your projector in a clean, relatively dust-free environment to prevent clogging of fans and air filters. These filters should be cleaned regularly.
4. Allow plenty of space around the projector's fan or exhaust so excess heat can be dispersed properly.
5. Utilize the "economy mode" if it is available with your projector model and is appropriate for your situation. This mode
decreases projector brightness but the lamp will last longer.
6. Never leave a projector in very hot or very cold environments, for example in a car on a summer or winter day.

1. Turn off the Projector and unplug the AC power cord.
2. Loosen the screw on the lamp cover with a screwdriver, and then open the lamp cover.
3. Loosen the 2 screws on the lamp with the screwdriver. Hold up the handle, then pull the lamp straight out.
4. Hold the handle of the new lamp and push it in securely until it reaches the end, and then tighten the 2 screws.
5. Close the lamp cover, and then tighten the screws
6. Plug in the AC power cord.


62X62DNSHA350E는 프로젝터 램프 NEC 프로젝터 전구 62X62mm NP26LP를 지녔습니다 062X62DNSHA350E는 프로젝터 램프 NEC 프로젝터 전구 62X62mm NP26LP를 지녔습니다 162X62DNSHA350E는 프로젝터 램프 NEC 프로젝터 전구 62X62mm NP26LP를 지녔습니다 262X62DNSHA350E는 프로젝터 램프 NEC 프로젝터 전구 62X62mm NP26LP를 지녔습니다 362X62DNSHA350E는 프로젝터 램프 NEC 프로젝터 전구 62X62mm NP26LP를 지녔습니다 4